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Turkey is a fascinating country where you can find lots of things to do and many places to visit. The cultural richness and the remarkable history of Turkey attracts millions of visitors every year from all around the world, thus making it a great destination in this part of the world.

One of the best things to get an idea about a country is to consult guide books or online websites. And when you decide to travel to that country, you also start to check its maps in order to find out your way. Google Maps is one of the best tools in this matter. Below you can find some of these interactive maps of different sights or places to visit in Turkey, as well as walking or driving directions. You can click on the appropriate link or choose from the pull-down menus and explore these sights on the map, zoom in or zoom out, move around, and so on.

Please don't forget to bookmark this page and visit it often because I'll be adding new and interesting maps of Turkey. Now you can choose your Maps page.

  • Hotels in Istanbul
  • Restaurants in Istanbul
  • Museums in Istanbul
  • Mosques & Churches & Synagogues in Istanbul
  • Foreign consulates in Istanbul
  • Shopping centers in Istanbul
  • Turkish Baths (Hamams) in Istanbul
  • Sports Complex in Istanbul
  • Hospitals in Istanbul
  • Sites in Izmir
  • Sites in Ankara
  • Sites in Antalya
  • Sites in the Aegean
  • Sites in the Mediterranean
  • Sites in Eastern and Central
  • Seven Wonders of the World
  • UNESCO Heritage Sites
  • Marinas and Ports
  • Airports
  • Driving and Walking directions

  • Driving from Ataturk Airport to Taksim
  • Driving from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet
  • Walking from Salipazari port to Sultanahmet
  • Driving from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Taksim
  • Driving from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sultanahmet
  • Walking from Karakoy port to Sultanahmet

    Below we also have a zoomable map with the satellite view of Turkey. You can zoom in or zoom out with the controls on the left of the map, or point with your mouse on a desired location on the map then double click to center the map.

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